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Residential Computer Services

Computers are found in nearly every home around the country. We use computers to shop, to work and to entertain ourselves. Here are some services we offer for our residential clients.  Contact us to learn more about which services might work for your needs.


We can help you set up a wired or wireless network solution in your home which can result in better internet speeds. We also can help you add security to your network to ensure all devices are safe. If you need printers or streaming devices installed on your network, that can be done as well.  We can help with TV and other media related setup and or training. From sales to installation, we can provide it all without you needing to leave your home.


Our team is ready, willing and able to provide instant support for your residential issues during our office hours. Without even leaving the office, we can connect to your computer with your permission and handle the fixes remotely in most cases.


Do you often have to leave your home unattended? We can help you keep your property secure even when you are in the office or on holidays. Our team is able to visit your home and install CCTV and any additional security systems you might require. We also provide maintenance of these systems.

Residential: Services
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