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Building a Computer


All our repairs are done with thorough diagnostics using up-to-date equipment to ensure that we find and address the real problem. We avoid the quick fixes other places employ to get you out the door with the product working, but that might fail again very soon. We make sure to provide a life expectancy for you after your visit so you can plan for how long your device should last after the repair. Below are just some of the items we can repair for you.

Repair Services: Services


We can repair just about any desktop or laptop issue quickly and reasonably priced. Let us diagnose the issue and provide these available services as needed:

  • Laptop screen repair

  • Virus removal 

  • Hardware & software upgrades

  • Clean and speed up your device

  • Data recovery

  • Training and support


Bring in your mobile device to have us perform these available services:

  • Screen repair

  • Device reset 

  • Add security software

  • Mobile VPN setup

  • Training and support

  • Maintenance and cleanup

  • Battery replacement


We have many of the common replacement parts in stock so you can get your hardware replaced or upgraded quickly, whether it’s a hard drive, processor or video card. If not in stock, we can order it at a competitive price within a couple of business days.

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